Nature Speaks: Reflections on Earth’s Wonders and the Many Emotions They Bring

A Snowy Surprise

Foggy Beginnings

Finding Clarity

“In places of darkness, just keep the faith, for the fog will eventually clear. And when it does, there will be untold beauties that you never saw before, but where perhaps there in front of you all along.”

Remembering to Hope

“Suffering brings us again and again to opaque places of confusion and frustration. We experience both long seasons of darkness and sudden storms of lightning-like fear. We repeatedly find ourselves in the foggy incomprehensibility of circumstances that make it difficult to sense God’s presence. Our eyes see a mountain with no peak, an ascent with no trail, a fierce landscape no one wants to occupy. But it is in the cloud that we are transformed.”

K.J. Ramsey, When Suffering Lingers, p. 98

Journeying On




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