Coping with COVID 19: Embracing Nature’s Resilience in a World of Uncertainty

Coping with COVID 19

In coping with COVID 19, may we remember the gifts of the budding flowers and trees each Spring, as they echo new life and resilience:

Since the beginning of time, the human race has experienced countless forms of calamity and affliction; from natural disasters and economic depression to terrorist bombings, mass shootings, and slavery and oppression. The coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, reflects yet another potential threat to the order and peace humanity so desperately seeks. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the world at large feels restless and on-edge, apprehensively awaiting what is to come.

Initially, we had no idea how this virus would play out. In the earlier phases of its’ outbreak, we grumbled over the suspension of our beloved sports teams, or restlessly questioned when Disney would re-open. The focus has since shifted. Many are seriously concerned over their health or the health of their loved ones. The state of the economy is questionable, with a looming recession lingering in the air. A large portion of the population remains uncertain about the state of their income, where their next meal might come from, or if they will even survive. In the years to come, the coronavirus outbreak will represent yet another historical event, woven into history books, that speaks to the relentless suffering and uncertainty of this world.

Hope in the Patterns of Nature

Fortunately, in the midst of these uncertain times, a common theme runs throughout humanity and all of life itself. For despite the forces of destruction and decay, life will preserve and endure.

Examine the seasons, for example. Notice how the trees lose their leaves through the fall and become frail and vulnerable each winter. For a time they shut down, appearing lifeless and defeated by the harsh realities of the natural world. But at a certain point during the year, every single spring, these barren trees start revealing new life. Slowly yet steadily, green leaves emerge and fill the forests with new energy.

Or, take a moment to reflect on the massive bush fires that stormed through Australian forests in late 2019/early 2020. Life was beaten down and tormented through massive waves of fire. But even these forces, however, couldn’t stop nature from springing back to life.

The Resiliency of Life

In a similar way, humanity continues to breed life and cultivate resilience in the midst of disaster and torment. Mankind has survived some of the darkest seasons, and, as history reveals, often rebounds from challenging phases in a much stronger position than before. While many individuals will pass from this world in response to this virus, many more will survive and live on, perhaps with a new brave story to tell. The pattern of life, as reflected in the ever changing seasons will continue.

While we take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, may we also pause and not lose sight of humanity’s resilience. Step outside, take a breath, and shift your gaze towards the newly budding flowers and trees cheerfully greeting us this Spring. Uncertainty may persist, but so does this unceasing, recurring gift of life.

For those us us in tune with the spirit, may we rest knowing our souls will remain untouched, preserving any form of physical disease or affliction of this world. Life will continue, whether it be in this world, or the next.



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