I first started really appreciating trees when I was 19, after meeting my boyfriend at the time, Joey. Some of our best memories and conversations happened while we climbed trees around our college campus. It was a great, inexpensive way to date at the time!

I remember Joey getting so excited and pointing out the uniqueness of the different trees. He would intentionally stop to show me special details around the trunks that I would have otherwise passed by. …

My husband and I recently took a trip out West, where we drove through and hiked various terrains. Below is a short narrative of our experience in Rocky Mountain National Park — where we caught glimpses of the many ways in which Nature speaks.

A Snowy Surprise

Shortly after flying in to Denver, CO, prior to a planned hike through the Rocky Mountains, we learned of a massive snow fall heading our way, the earliest snowfall that was expected to hit in the last 20 years, some locals had told us.

My husband and I, both native natives to South Carolina, had very…

Coping with COVID 19

In coping with COVID 19, may we remember the gifts of the budding flowers and trees each Spring, as they echo new life and resilience:

Since the beginning of time, the human race has experienced countless forms of calamity and affliction; from natural disasters and economic depression to terrorist bombings, mass shootings, and slavery and oppression. The coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, reflects yet another potential threat to the order and peace humanity so desperately seeks. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the world at large feels restless and on-edge, apprehensively awaiting what is to come.

Initially, we had…

In response to age-old question, “where is God in the midst of suffering?” I wrote an article on divine love and human suffering, based on C.S Lewis’ book, The Problem of Pain. Lately, I’ve been reading and reflecting on Howard-Snyder and Moser’s Divine Hiddenness, a collection of essays on the ‘hiddenness’ of God, written by various philosophers, from both Christian and non-Christian backgrounds.

Where is God in the midst of suffering?

A question woven through these essays, and one which often saturates our culture is this: “If God were perfectly loving, then why doesn’t He show more of Himself to us? Why does He leave us wondering where…

My husband and I bought our first house in our early 20’s. Looking back, we had no idea what we were really getting ourselves into at the time, but we enjoyed the idea of having something of our own. It was special, and freeing to do what we wanted, without the limits or restrictions of renting.

It didn’t take long, however, for my perfectionism to rear its head with its own wants and desires for the home. I recognize that many first-time home buyers may get caught up in this same cycle, trying to find the best kitchen outline, the…

“I’m not good enough.” “Everyone is better than me.” “What’s the use in trying if I’m just going to fail?” At some point in our lives, hopefully we begin to see these highly self-critical thoughts for what they are. Perhaps they’re rooted in adverse childhood experiences, marked by trauma, abuse, or neglect. Maybe they stem from perfectionistic patters or endless comparisons, inflicted by others, or oneself. Maybe they derive from jealousy or resentment because others seem to have it “better” than us. Regardless of the source, these thoughts trigger us to feel like we don’t have what we need, or…

The following mindfulness meditation incorporates Scripture, guided imagery, and other mindfulness approaches to facilitate mind-body integration and an experience of “being known.”

1. Find a Place with Limited Distractions

Find a place with limited distractions, such as a quiet room, a parked car, or empty closet — any of these will do! Sit or lie down in a comfortable position

2. Tune into your 5 Senses

Tune into your five senses, spending a few moments on each. Pay attention to any sights, sounds, physical sensations, smells, or tastes.

When you find the mind starting to drift, gently bring your awareness back to your breathing and your senses.

3. Relax and Release

Focus in on your breath. Take…

The struggle is real

To my fellow perfectionists in recovery,

How often do we give up on new opportunities or interesting ideas because we’re afraid we’ll epically fail? How many times have we strained ourselves to the point of physical and mental exhaustion in our efforts to achieve certain standards or outcomes, only to find we can’t ever reach them?

Can you relate to getting lost in the details, spinning your wheels so fast when trying to achieve, control, or perfect, that you lose sight of your goals or motives in the first place?

Perfectionism, what a nasty thing it is -sucking the life…

The Struggle to Keep Up

We live in a fast-paced world that thrives on productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Things move fast, and many of us have grown accustomed to having what we want, when we want it. In this day and age, it’s easy to plow through life without tuning in to our quieter inner worlds. We can let life’s craziness drown out the cries of our bodies as they voice their needs for rest or relief, often through lingering physical aches or pains. Our minds rapidly shift from one thing to the next, often without us being able to discern their patterns, thoughts, or…

In the presence of silence, does your mind tend to drift? If so, where might it take you? Grocery lists? Never-ending piles of laundry? Exams or the next project for work? World-wide pandemics?

How draining this can be — to constantly live in anything but the present moment. Many of us crave peace, but so often find ourselves ruminating on what has or hasn’t been done, the many choices or decisions that await our future, or the need to control or perfect whatever is actually in front of us. …

Elizabeth Dixon

Social worker. Anglican. Fellow Journeyer.

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